The Best of You – Restoration


It is never easy to believe that you can be restored after suffering much lose in your life. Money, cars, clothes and cellphone being taken away. And furthermore your life being put at risk because of a poor decision.

No matter the situation that you have faced thus far this year, the best of you will require you to believe that restoration of all that you have lost is on its way to you. How it will be restored is something that you need not worry about or concern yourself with.

You need just to focus on today. Look at today’s opportunities and make the best out them to bring out the best in you. Take it one step at a time and you will realize at the end of the year how much you have achieved by just moving and focusing forward.

Believe in the Master’s plan for your life and do as He says you should do.

If it’s to start a business. Then start a business. If it’s to read a book, then read a book. If it’s to forgive, then forgive. And if it’s to love. Love.

The restoration process is not an easy one but with the Master, the Creator of heaven and earth on your side who then dares to be against you.


The best of me,



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