The Best of You

The Best of YOU

The value of waiting upon time

Its almost mid-year and you tell yourself or rather ask yourself what have I achieved to date.

“I made new year’s resolutions and half of them are not yet fulfilled because of my inactivity and the ability to continuously procrastinate.”

“I have went to workshops; listened to sermons and lecture after lecture that PROCRASTINATION IS THE STEALER OF TIME!!!!”

“AHHHHHHH! Goodness me why does this happen all the time.”

Well my brother or sister, you have to understand that there are certain things in life that we can only get rid-off or change, only upon when you and I consciously realize and make the decision that we need to change the course how we are in order to achieve our life goals.

It time that we been given that teaches us to value the things we have. It is the course of time that gives us a reality shock of what we have achieved and have not achieved.

Perhaps the things are not going or are going your way because you have either have not learned or appreciated the life lessons of time for that particular thing that you desire to possess or like the few of us you took the time to implement that which you have been guided to do by those people whom have been concerned about where you are taking your life.

Well the best of you will require, that you put value on time. The best of you this year and the years to come of your life will need you to reflect what, how and when have you valued time and take the necessary actions to be the kind of person whom you could love, like and respect for the rest of your life.

Be the best of you, by allowing time to take its course.

The best of me,



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